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    The Individual Rescue Packet (IRP) kit contains high quality items to effect rescue.

    Providing numerous options for long-term emergency situations in a waterproof packet. 

    Lightweight, waterproof and compact.

    Ideal for bug-out bags, hunting or camping trips. 


    4" X 6" (4 mil) Waterproof Packet    

    Fire Making 

    SPARK-LITE Striker

    SURE STRIPS Genuine Military Tinder (6)

    Waterproof NATO Matches 

    MRE Matches 

    Cutting Tools and Repair 

    Derma-Safe Knife 

    Wire Saw

    Repair Tape

    25' Type 1A Utility Cord (100 Pound Test) 

    6 Heavy Duty 8" Zip-Ties

    Kevlar Thread Sewing Kit 

    Food Gathering 

    Military Speedhook Fishing/Trapping Kit

    Signaling, Navigation and Illumination  

    Button Compass 

    Signal Mirror 

    Acme Tornado Whistle - Orange

    Micro-X Micro Flashlight


    1 Liter Water Bag  w/filter

    Oasis Water Purification Tablets (10 Liters)

    Medical Protection and Shelter  

    Mylar Emergency Blanket 


    MEG Caffeine Gum

    Butterfly Bandages

    Latex-free Plastic Bandages

    Lip Guard Ointment

    Sunscreen SPF 30 - PABA Free

    Sting Relief

    APAP Pain Relief

    Medi-Lyte Electrolyte Replacement

    Triple Antibiotic Ointments

    Diamode (Anti-diarrheal) 

    Weight: TBD

    Dimensions: 4" x 6 1/2" - 114.3 mm x 165.1 mm  

    Limited Warranty: One Year    

    Assembled in USA of U.S. and Foreign Components