Spartan Elite Survival Bag

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This American made kit weighs in at just over six pounds and is designed for weekend adventurers or full-time professionals. The Spartan Elite will supplement survival situations in multiple temperature environments for several days. The bag contains over 100 high quality items and will provide food, water, shelter, first aid, trauma treatment, warmth, navigation, signaling, advanced food gathering equipment, water filtration and purification, multiple light options, vision protection and much more for unforeseen situations. 

This kit features our Military Speedhook™ fishing and trapping kit, SURE STRIPS Military Firestarter Kit™ and the worlds first foldable cook pot "The Bear Bowl". The American made bag is designed to stow under seats in aircraft, vehicles or boats.

We have taken every measure to ensure this kit is American made and Mil-Spec for a fair price. We are very proud of this fact and guarantee you are buying the best gear in the world!


GO Bag 1000 Denier Cordura®, YKK Zipper, Carry Strap - USA

9" x 6" Double Zippered aLOKSAK Bag (Certified Waterproof) - USA

Poly Water Bag

The Bear Bowl: World's First Pocket Cook Pot - USA

Cutting Tools and Repair 

Morakniv 511 Fixed Blade Knife (High Quality Carbon Steel) - Sweden

Derma-Safe Knife - NSN 6515-01-363-1212 - USA

Wire Saw w/Rings – USA

Repair Tape Roll – USA

50' 550 Paracord, OD - US Military Contractor - USA

Fresnel Lens Magnifier - Imported

#16 Darner Needle - Imported

#138 Kevlar® Thread - USA

Signaling and Navigation 

Brunton TruArc3™ Base Plate Compass - USA

Signal Mirror (Unbreakable) - Imported

Acme "117 Decibels" Tornado Whistle - (SOLAS, U.S. Govt. and NATO Approved/Issued) – UK

Fire Making and Shelter 

SPARK-LITE™ Official U.S. Military Firestarter (Easy single handed operation- sparks hundreds of times)
NSN 1680-01-233-0061 - USA

SURE STRIPS Genuine Military Tinder™ - US/NATO Issue (Starts over 90 fires*) - USA

Space® Blanket, Mil-Spec OD 56" x 96" – USA


Fishing and Trapping 

Military Speedhook™ Fishing/Trapping Kit - NSN 4220-01-379-5598 - USA

20' Brass (Snare) Wire – USA


Food and Water 

3) S.O.S. 1200 Calorie Food Bars (3600 Calories, operates at -40° F to 230° F for 5 yrs.) - (U.S. Coast Guard Approved) – USA

6) S.O.S. Purified Drinking Water (25 oz., operates at -40° F to 230° F for 5 yrs.) - (U.S. Coast Guard Approved) – USA   

6) Chlor-Floc Military Water Purification Packets NSN 6850-01-352-6129 - (Makes 6 liters) Straw, Cone Filter with Instruction Card 

Frontier Water Filter Straw – Filters up to 30 Gallons - USA


US Army Survival Manual: FM 21-76 - USA



Photon Freedom Plus Flashlight Kit - (Five safety modes - SOS, Morse code and 3 strobe speeds) - 360° Illumination Lamp Attachment - Glow-in-the-Dark Nose – Hat Clip and Neck Dangler Options - USA

Medical Protection and Aid 

H&H TK4 Tourniquet - NSN 6515-01-542-7696 - USA

Military Energy Gum - NSN 8925-01-530-219 - USA

Rollens 100% UV  Protection Roll-Up Sunglasses – USA
First aid instructions
Lip Guard Ointment
Sunscreen SPF 30 - PABA Free
Sting Relief
Pain relievers/Aspirins
Medi-Lyte Electrolyte Replacement
Diamode (Anti-diarrheal)
First aid/Burn cream
Triple antibiotic
Alcohol wipes
Iodine wipes 
Antiseptic wipes
Clean wipes
Pair latex gloves
Safety pins
Hand soap 
Ice Pack 
Knuckle bandages
Gauze 4" x 4.1 yds.
Butterfly Bandages
Bandage strips 1"x 3"
Bandage strips 2"x 3"
Sterile sponges 4"x 4"

Dimensions: 6" x 7" x 14.5"

Weight: 6.10 lb. / 2.77 kg

Amazon price per item is over $255.00 (Add-on item not included in this price)

Due to Priority mail and International mail restrictions for Class 3 flammable liquids and hazerdous items. We have excluded matches and disposable lighters (ORMD) from this kit. It is highly recommend you add waterproof matches and lighters before your kit enters service. 

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