• DFS 3.0 EDC Adventure Kit


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    Kit Level: Intermediate     

    The DFS 3.0 is an American made survival kit that contains high quailty items. The DFS 3.0 will provide you with the essentials needed to keep warm, make fire, purifiy water, catch food. Plus, a real first-aid kit that will handle basic medical issues.

    Featuring our New GPS®  Fishing trap/Snare kit and our New Pyro-MaxAll-Weather Tinder! (Twist - Fluff - Ignite)

    No longer do you need to risk your life with cheap mass produced survival kits made overseas.

    Ideal for bug-out bags, glove boxes, hunting or camping trips.

    Lightweight and Compact for Everyday Carry.   


    Go Prepared Survival® EDC Pouch

    Shelter Kit

    Mylar Blanket/Tarp

    (4) Heavy Duty 8" Zip-Ties

    25' Atwood Micro Cord (100 pound test) - Made in the USA!  

    Fire Making 

    (10) Go Prepared Survival® Pyro-Max Fire Plugs Tinder Tin

    Go Prepared Survival® Spartan Spark "Heavy Sixxer" Ferro Rod 

    Go Prepared Survival® Spartan Fire EDC Multi-Use Tinder - Made in USA

    Cutting Tools   

    Derma-Safe Knife - Made in the USA!

    Derma-Safe Saw - Swiss Made

    Food Gathering   

    Go Prepared Survival® Fishing/Snare  Kit (hooks, sinkers, stink bait, Spool Tool - 20' fishing line/ 20' wire) - Made in the USA!  


    Go Prepared Survival® Field Repair Kit (#138 Kevlar® thread, heavy-duty black thread, needles, safety pins) - Made in USA 


    Go Prepared Survival® NATO Water kit (1 Liter NATO Water bag, prefilters, poly bag) - Made in USA!

    (10) Oasis Water Purification Tablets (10 Liters) UK MOD/NATO Issue - Tablets made in the UK  

    Boo Boo Kit

    Butterfly Bandage (2)

    1 x 3 Adhesive Bandages (4)

    First Aid/Burn Cream

    Antiseptic Wipes (2)  

    Sting and Bite Pad

    Pain Relief Tablets (2)

    Triple Antibiotic Ointments (2)



    Limited Warranty: One Year      

    Assembled in USA of U.S. and Foreign Components