Our company has a background in Fire, EMS and Military services. Our main focus is our Customers, our Country and providing the best gear for a fair price. Specializing in American made, high quality outdoor products for military and civilian use. 

Go Prepared Survival® was created with the vision of offering American made wilderness survival kits and outdoor adventure gear with the highest standard of quality and customer service. 

Go Prepared Survival® is a family owned business. The companies R&D team is led by Sam, a U.S. Navy Veteran and avid outdoorsman with a long background in Business and Finance. Sam also served his community for half a decade as a volunteer Firefighter. His wife Vicki is the owner and CEO. She oversees Production and Quality Assurance. Vicki has extensive knowledge in the medical field with over 20 years of emergency healthcare experience.

In 2017, we partnered with a U.S. Military Contractor to offer genuine military issued tinder never seen by the civilian market. These waxed cotton strips are sold to the U.S Army and NATO are now branded as Spartan Fire™. This product is the first foldable multi-use EDC tinder in the world.

Currently, GPS® is working with other retail companies and Survival experts developing custom made survival kits and offering our unique products and marketing solutions.

Thanks to our loyal customer base, our company continues to grow. Allowing us to create new products for the outdoors.