Survival Equipment:

The selection and use of outdoor and survival equipment, supplies, and training can be dangerous and even fatal. Any survival situation is extremely dangerous and could result in your or any other survivor's injury, maiming or death.

The sale of, endorsement, or recommendation of any equipment, products, supplies, services, or techniques does not constitute a guaranty or warranty the equipment, products, supplies, services, or techniques will function when needed in a survival or emergency situation.

 The purchase or use of products from Go Prepared, LLC cannot guarantee your survival or prevent injuries. Because any survival situation can expose you, or someone with you, to hazards or risks that may result in harm, personal injuries, or death, Go Prepared, LLC does not guarantee that the use of this of any of our products will prevent any of these risks. The purchaser or user assumes all risks and holds harmless, Go Prepared, LLC for any use or misuse of any equipment or products purchased, or for any harm, damage, personal injuries or death as a result of the use of this equipment or products or as a result of the survival situation. Our products are for survival purposes only. Our equipment and products cannot deal with all survival circumstances a person may find themselves in during a survival situation.